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Package #2:  Your Unique Personality Type

What's your unique personality type?
How do you find outfits that fit?

Clothing that compliments your personality conveys integrity and trust, accelerating your success in the work place.

Consultation Includes the following:

  • We'll determine what professional outfits you should be wearing based on Joy's 3 Steps to Identifying Clothes that Fit and Compliment your Personality.
  • Personality Review: A few key personality indicator questions will give us an indication of your personality type and what type of clothes tend to compliment you (conservative vs. progressive, analytical vs. creative, casual vs. formal, introvert vs. extrovert).
  • Closet Personality Review: A thorough review of your closet will reveal the colors, fabrics, designs and styles you have naturally selected over time. These are a further indicator of your personality.
  • Closet Clean-up: We'll retain those clothes that fit your personality and recommend that you give the rest away. You'll love the new simplicity and freedom when you open your wardrobe door and everything you look at is right!
  • Fill in the Gaps: There are probably some blank spaces in your wardrobe at this point. We'll create a customized professional wardrobe plan for you identifying the missing pieces and a strategy to economically acquire them in order of priority.
  • Your Customized Strategy: Finally, within three business days I'll deliver you Your Personality Clothing Profile—your own customized clothing strategy plan!
  • The result: Open your wardrobe door and select from multiple great outfits that convey integrity and trust, thereby accelerating your professional success!

Value: $250 (1 1/2 - hour consultation (+) transportation)
Your Cost: $175

[Portland Metro Area only]

“If you do not find benefit in the information you receive within 30 days you will receive a full refund”

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