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Image Shapes Opportunity

People work with people they know, like and trust.
Whatever your business project, the primary stakeholders will make a quick unconscious decision within the first 10 seconds of your first meeting. Do you appear to be someone they know, like and trust? If the answer is yes, your project, and your career, is much more likely to be successful. If the answer is no, you're fighting an uphill battle.

Your outfit can pre-dispose your audience to feel they know, like and trust you.
Your outfit guides the perception of your audience in those first crucial 10 seconds. It can work either for or against your goal to create the image of someone your audience knows, likes and trusts.

Shape your image and create your opportunity! is here to introduce professional women to the science of creating their successful professional image. Joy Kent:

  • Consults with professional women and organizations to create effective professional wardrobe strategies.
  • Custom-designs women's professional clothing at an overall wardrobe cost-savings.

Here is the key:
Your professional clothing must fit in three crucial areas: It must fit your body, your personality and your audience. Discover some valuable Image Insights in each of these three areas. Read more...

View some clothing design options that can help you shape your image and your opportunity. Read more...

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