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Once you’ve experienced Design with Joy, you’ll never go back to the mall!  No more frustrating days fighting the crowds, searching through the racks, trying on endless outfits in those uncomfortable fitting rooms, looking for someone ...anyone... who can help!

We meet in the comfort of your home or office or in the Design with Joy studio at a time that is convenient to you.  There, we talk about your clothing needs based on your particular body type, your work environment, and the current status of your wardrobe.  We’ll imagine that perfect outfit you’ve dreamed about—— the design and the fabric—— and then the act of creation begins!

I carefully take 26 strategic measurements.  Usually within about a week, I will create a prototype to make sure everything drapes well, then I tailor the final garment.  I only need one prototype for a dress, one for a jacket, one for pants, and one for a skirt.  With that, I can create as great a variety of garments as you desire—— in any color or fabric available!  In the future you can quickly and conveniently place your order over the phone, or let's meet again and we can look at new fabrics and new designs.

We’ll build a professional wardrobe of clothes you love to wear.

Within 1 business day of your call we’ll schedule an appointment.


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