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Clothes that Fit and Flatter

What makes an outfit comfortable?  It’s the fit!

It feels comfortable and you like how you look both in the mirror, and in the eyes of others.  The perfect fit doesn’t happen by chance. I custom-design your clothes to fit and flatter your body type.  

When you purchase clothes at the mall – or even many outfits designed by a custom designer – are based on a standard "proportionate" body type. But few women find that the proportionate standard is a good fit.  You may actually have one of the other common body types:Pear, Apple, Hourglass, Rectangular, or Inverted Triangular.  If you've been feeling uncomfortable in your clothing, there is a good chance that it was not designed for your body type.

Why is it so hard to find clothes at the mall that actually fit? Because, in addition to fitting you into a standard body type, clothing manufacturers and designers also find it easier to make angular clothing than fitted clothing.  The result is pretty uncomfortable and unflattering:  Your outfit wears you, when you should be wearing your outfit!

You don’t need to understand the science behind clothing design.  You just know that you look and feel great… and your business associates will notice, too!


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